Jun 212012

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  1. Hi

    i am getting a script error when i call domap

    Line 1 char 7

    message is syntax error

    when i break it goes to Win2.execScript(NameFunct + ‘(‘ + Params + ‘)’, ‘JavaScript’);

    exception reads

    First chance exception at $75F1B9BC. Exception class EOleException with message ‘Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101’. Process Project2.exe (8544)

    and breaks to here

    function TGMMap.ExecuteScript(NameFunct, Params: string): Boolean;
    Doc2: IHTMLDocument2;
    Win2: IHTMLWindow2;
    Result := Check;

    if not Result then Exit;

    Doc2 := FWebBrowser.Document as IHTMLDocument2;
    Win2 := Doc2.parentWindow;

    Win2.execScript(NameFunct + ‘(‘ + Params + ‘)’, ‘JavaScript’);

    if MapIsNull then
    raise Exception.Create(GetTranslateText(‘El mapa todavía no ha sido creado’, Language));

    Hope this helps

  2. Yes i checked that no old files were laying around and didn’t find any.

    i deleted all the source files as well making sure i had uninstalled them from the IDE and downloaded fresh to make sure i did have the latest

    please let me know what extra information i can give you.

    • If it is possible, I need the value params of Win2.execScript function, ie, NameFunct and Params and the component that send error (GMMap, GMMarker,….)


      • The params are{ L”,,’ROADMAP’,8,false,true,true,false,true,0,0,’#EFF0EE’,true,’HYBRID;ROADMAP;SATELLI

        The NamFunct is DoMap

        i created a new application with just a gmmap and a webbrowser component on it

        in onformcreate i do GMMap1->Active = true;

        and then i do the following once the page has loaded

        void __fastcall TForm3::GMMap1AfterPageLoaded(TObject *Sender, bool First)
        if( First )

        if you would like direct access to my computer i am happy to allow you to connect using teamviewer if that will help, that way you can debug first hand you code. if you would like to try that please email me and i can give you the details

        Just to confirm i am using C++ Builder XE2 update 4.

        I also get an issue with one of the generated hpp files this line in GMBase.hpp
        __property Uaboutfrm::TAboutFrm* AboutGMLib = {read=FAboutGMLib, stored=false};

        Causes the following issue

        [BCC32 Error] GMBase.hpp(48): E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly

        i simply comment this line out and the error goes away

  3. Before, thanks for great lib,

    I have the same problem,
    I just download your libs today and install into Delphi 7 Ent.
    But when i recompile GMMarker_Demo, i have the issue problem
    “Exception class EOleException with message ‘Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101′”

    Is there any solution.

    Thanks So much for your help

  4. dear cadetill

    I have found small thing that causing the error…

    Thank You for your great libs…

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