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  1. Puedes checar tambien este componente, lo usan muchos proveedores de componentes que quieren hacer un renderind en tiempode diseño de sus componentes para ver como se ven en web.

    Tambein lo usan Thomas de delphi praxis que tambien ha desarrollado una libreria similar a la tuya.

    Ademas que los que poseen delphi profesisonal (donde no viene el TWebBrowser) es una opcion viable

    No se si sea compatible con FMX perovale la pena intentarlo.

    Puedes checarlo aca:



  2. How to measure a distance in poligon

    • more explicit:

      How to measure a distance in polygon between 2 points (between 2 Tlinepoint)

      • Hi Cornestian

        You can know the distance between two points (two LatLng) with the class function ComputeDistanceBetween from TGeometry class defined at GMFunctionsVCL unit. This class function needs three params, a GMMap and two points Origin and Destination. By default, the distance is in meters. If you change the radius, you can change the unit of measure.

        If you have SVN access, you can get de lastest version of GMLib (not published yet). In this version I added a demo of TGeometry class functioning. To access to SVN repository, go to GoogleCode.

        More info about this function at google.maps.geometry.spherical namespace.


  3. can i put in tgmap or twebbrowser a strig text? not marker
    (ex: string of distance in polygon between 2 points. position of string = midle ol tlinepoint of poligon)

  4. Quiero instalar GMLib para XE2 y tengo problemas de instalación. No encuentra DCEF_XE2

    un saludo

  5. hello dear admin
    i install GMLib_DXE2_FMX.bpl sucsesfully but when i start firemonky app im just have TGMinfowindow under googlemap component

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