Jul 222018

Delphi Community Edition

The official launch of a new license for Delphi products, the Community Edition, has already been made. 

What features does this new license have?

About product, it has the same features as the Professional version, that is, the necessary to perform database applications (local or embedded) and/or multiplatform (VCL and FMX). The only difference between this version and the Professional is that in this one is not included the source code of the libraries.

This will allow us to make code, programs, libraries, … from the first day for the four platforms it supports, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

And then … What is the difference between the Community and the Professional?

Apart from does not include the sources of the libraries, the main difference is in the license of this version, which is free until your individual income or the income of the company reaches 5,000 USD (or equivalent) or your team of development expand to more than 5 developers.

So, this new Delphi license is aimed at individual programmers, amateurs and students who are studying or maintaining open source projects or who simply want to learn the tool or do multiplatform programs. It is also perfect for startups that do not yet have large incomes.

Links of interest of the Community Edition

Delphi Community Edition Landing Page
Delphi Product Editions
Community Edition FAQs
Docwiki Community Edition
Rad Studio EULA
Moving from Delphi Community Edition to another edition

It is great news that can make Delphi come back to its place between programming languages.

Jan 232018

With this post we are going to do a demo application to explain the use of the TMultiView component with the typical menu of mobile devices. In addition, the demo will have as a requirement that the forms shown in it will be embedded into a TPanel of the main form. To do this, once the form is created, we will change the parent of all its direct components by assigning their parent to the TPanel of the main form.

Another requirement of this demo, will be able to navigate backwards through the different forms that are created. For this we will define a “stack” LIFO (Last In First Out). Continue reading »

Mar 252017

RAD Studio 10.2 TokyoThis week, and somme days earlier than expected, has been released the new version of our preferred programming environment, RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo.

In this new release, the news more important is, without any doubt, the possibility of compiling our applications for a new platform, in this case Linux. However, it is not intended for desktop applications, but for server applications (DataSnap REST above all). At the moment it has support for Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) and RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 7).

If we take a look at What’s New, we’ll see that most improvements are on this line. However, it is not the only one and there are others that are also interesting and important.

  • FireMonkey improvements
  • FireDAC improvements (especially for Firebird y MySQL)
  • App Tethering improvements
  • New Hash functions
  • Some IDE improvements
  • Debuggers improvements for iOS and macOS
  • ……

Here you has a link to a video with the Tokyo improvements.

If you want to assist to launch Webminar, it will be on March 27th.

  • 8:00 AM CDT
  • 1:00 PM CDT
  • 6:00 PM CDT

More information and registration here.

May 122016

Due to the future closure of google.code, the raw files are no longer available. For this reason and because GMLib uses StyledMarker.js hosted in this servers, GMLib has stopped working.

However the solution is easy: upload this file to another server and do a small changes into the GMLib code.

So, I have uploaded StyledMarker.js to the GitHub GMLib repository. Now, you only need to do this small modification into GMLib:

  • Into .\resources\map.html file replace this url

by this other

  • Recreate resource file executing  .\resources\rc.cmd
  • Build (no compile) all GMLib

With this easy steps we have GMLib up to date.

Another option is download the changes from the repository.

Until the next entry!


Feb 102016

Searching info for GMLib library about news from TWebBrowser in Android and iOS in new version of RAD Studio (HTML access and JavaScript function execution), I have found the TWebBrowserEx class that does all that I need.

This class created by Jun HOSOKAWA is compatible with RAD Studio (from XE5 version -with minor changes- until Seattle 10) and with Appmethod (from 1.14 to 1.17).

The TWebBrowserEx class inherits from TWebBrowser directly (so that will be compatible with all applications developed with this component) adding some nice improvements: Continue reading »

Nov 192015

Few weeks ago he was released the new Delphi 10 Seattle and after testing it, it’s time to make a summary.


The first thing we see when you open our 10 Seattle, is a marked improvement in the speed of opening. This is due to improvements in the use of memory (RAM consumption is not limited to 2GB, you can now use up to 4Gb). Continue reading »